Travel Local

Is it safe to come out yet? 

In the past few months, I got off lucky. Mild symptoms, very young children at home, and tuning into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily pressers were my saving graces. I also took a pause on writing anything. How do you cover travel writing when roaming is not feasible and penning memories of it seem inappropriate?

The arrival of spring brought with it a slow lift of bans in New York State, but those of us who are lucky enough to even ponder the concept of travel, are still left wondering: Is it safe, is it worth it, and now with the addition of civil unrest, how is life as we knew it going to logistically work?

It will. It’s a new normal, and we will travel again, perhaps even this summer. 

While I’m still prepping the backyard for summertime fun, and researching travel time locales, I’m ready to explore locally — and Maine is the first stop. 

No, I’m not driving hours northward, been there done that. I’m walking up to my local Main Street where Cousins Maine Lobster will be at 12 Gates Brewing Company from noon to 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 6. Guests will order using a mobile app and pick up their finished to-go order one at a time from the food truck. 12 Gates will have beer available to-go as well, according to the brewer.

“We will be practicing social distancing and no on-site consumption will be permitted,” they said in an e-mail.

12 Gates Brewing Company had the unfortunate timing of opening their beautiful new facility, next to a picturesque creek on a quaint Main Street, just in time for the Pandemic to shelter us all in place. They were also one of the local eateries who provided customers with to-go meals and growlers.

While a Maine lobster food truck from New York City is a new concept, 12 Gates promises they serve mouthwatering #RealMaineLobster, and of course, their own “delicious” beer from its local brewery. 

Cousins Maine Lobster did not return inquiries about their best business practices. For more information about Cousins Maine Lobster food trucks visit

Celebrate the Spring season with great food, drinks, and fun; and remember to bring a mask. 

12 Gates Brewing Company is located at 80 Earhart Dr., Williamsville, NY 14221.