‘An unmarried woman’

If Prince Charming hasn’t come along to give you a castle . . . then buy your own.

A few decades ago, a single woman buying real estate on her own was a rarity. Before the Fair Housing Act of 1968, few women could get approved for a loan, let alone a mortgage, without a husband’s or father’s signature (mortgage documents still stipulate if a person is single). But times have changed. The National Association of Realtors reports that since the mid-19902, single women have purchased homes at nearly twice the rate of single men. In 2012, single female homeowners made up 18 percent of households in the association’s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, compared to 10 percent for single men.

I decided the time was right for me to purchase a house for a variety of reasons: geography, job and finances (and it was slightly rewarding the make an offer on a house, on Valentine’s Day after a break up).

While this new trend in home ownership is great for women’s liberation, feminism, the economy and the housing market; homeownership can be quite daunting – – especially when your purchase a house that had a poorly maintained yard. Yet, with a little patience, TLC, muscle and fertilizer, a garden can grow on your estate and here’s the proof:

Just remember, that although you may have a castle, it doesn’t mean you can’t put out the welcome mat for potential suitors (who now must be handy). Mr. Right may just be a hardware store aisle away – – and you will be spending a lot of time there.


On the Road

woman-cartoon-travelingIn 2009 “Up in the Air”, a book-turned-movie starting George Clooney became popular just as Facebook did. Therefore, every time a road warrior entered an airport, his or her captive audience knew about it. As someone who’s been “Up in the Air” a lot in the past decade, I know that it’s not all sharing a cocktails and more with a Clooney-esque at a hotel bar. For the most part it’s long grueling hours, networking and eating unhealthy food.

A highlight does arrive every now and then, for example, when I come across a kindred spirit, get to push another pin onto the worldwide map or discover a new restaurant, dish, food, or culture. Sometimes there are even tokens of appreciation for attending a function at this various destinations.

Enter Sweet Serendipity: Delicious Desserts & Devilish Dish by Stephen Bruce, from New York’s legendary restaurant and boutique Serendipity 3. A book gifted to me by a recent host. Outrageous sundaes, candied apples, pudding, pumpkin pie, blueberry cobbler, Patch’s Bourbon Balls, Orange Raisin Cookies, The World’s Largest Wedding Cake, and more, are all detailed in scrumptious recipes throughout this nostalgic cookbook.

Enjoying a Cake Pop at Serendipity 3 in Las Vegas
Enjoying a Cake Pop at Serendipity 3 in Las Vegas

Gentlemen preferred blondes but what sweet dessert did Marilyn Monroe desire? Did you know that Andy Warhol savored the Lemon Icebox Pie; stealing bites while watching others dine through a hole in a newspaper? Learn where he sat. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis came in for the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate with John-John and Caroline.

Not only does my job send me to interesting locations for eye opening experiences and opportunities to grow our business, but even so much more on the home front; therefore, I’m going to be writing a weekly column entitled “Niagara Now” for the Niagara Hub and bi-weekly for Niagara Frontier Publications. A radio component will also air the second Tuesday of every month on WLVL (starting August 14); and segments will re-air Saturday mornings on WECK.

Be sure to tune in and hear what’s going on in Niagara USA, voice your opinion, ask questions, etc.; or, if you have an interesting “Up in the Air” story to tell please post share the comments below!