Pie, Tart Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Due to an incorrect amount of apples, I took a pie recipe for Thanksgiving and turned it into a tart.

Using mostly the same ingredients: Mascarpone cheese, Crème fraîche, sugar and fresh lemon juice, and substituting with a seasonal fruit (apple) and pure vanilla instead of vanilla bean seeds, I was able to change a pie designed for 10 people into a tart for five. The richness was still there and it was even better chilled in the fridge overnight, and topped with whipped cream. The flexibility of the instructions also allowed me to take a “healthy” approach. I used a wheat and soy pie crust, less sugar, pure raw honey and organic apples. Lesson learned, no matter what the recipe, it can be altered to fit the holiday table.

Published by

Michelle Glynn

Traded globe-trotting for motherhood. Side hustling as a freelance writer since 2001.

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