Celebrate the harvest

The Niagara Wine Trail welcomed the 2012 harvest season with wine and food pairings at select wineries last weekend. The ticketed event included wine tasting at each participating winery, food samples and a commemorative glass. Patrons learned how to make pizzelles and what wine to pair with them, at the Winery at Marjim Manor. They tasted fresh tomato basil roll-ups at Niagara Landing, and dared to try their seasonal Hot Pepper Wine!

Harvest bread, goat cheese, and locally harvested apples, also tempted palates. Eveningside Vineyards served pumpkin cupcakes paired with their Reserve Chardonnay. Swiss cheese wrapped with Parma prosciutto – a sweet, crisp, nutty, smoky and salty, savory delight was found at Black Willow Winery. Their Black Widow Berry, a well-balanced, bold and sweet red wine with natural blackberry flavor, was also poured. This balanced, rich wine is perfect for fall evenings. For parties, try Black Widow Berry as a mixer for a spectacular beverage (recipe below).

There was also live music at Schulze Vineyard and Winery, pottery and glasswares for sale.

The Niagara Wine Trail is the fastest growing wine trail in the country and is open year-round. For more information about upcoming events, visit www.niagarawinetrail.org.

 Spider Bite

Courtesy of Black Willow Winery

2 qt. Carafe

1 bottle Black Widow Berry

2 cups crushed ice

6 oz. coconut rum (non-sweet)

3 oz. lime vodka

Stir and serve!

A version of this post appeared on the Edible Buffalo blog.

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