What’s your dosha, baby?

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Waterfronts are a great place to meditate and do yoga (and garden)

Traveling almost 30,000 miles last year, I came upon some very interesting people. During this tenure of plane hopping, I frequented what could be called, the most crunchy granola places in the U.S. While the constant locations changes were stressful, these laidback folks were a welcome relief. It was during these visits did I learn about doshas.

This gnome is a homebody

A dosha is the Ayurveda, a 5,000-year old Indian “Science of Life,” and the art of living in harmony with nature. This dosha, is your mind and body type. There are three, and mine is vata.

Vata’s are always moving, unlimited or unbounded and rough. Delicate skin and voluminous hair are two unfortunate vata qualities. They are quick and lively in thought, speech and action, and make friends easily. There is an element of airiness to their step, a quality of lightness in their laughter. Change is usually their second name. Creativity and enthusiasm are hallmarks of balanced Vata.

With full sunlight, tomatoes can grow well in a container

A good place to spend a lot of said energy is in the garden. This summer I have been tending to a four square-feet of land near Lake Ontario in Western New York, as well as develop a container garden of my own.

A happy family of peppermint, spearmint and mint

Tomatoes, corn (non-container) beets, watermelon, pumpkins and herbs abound this August! Do you have a gardening question? Are curious about your dosha? Post a comment below.

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