‘Tis the season

I love eating local. There’s nothing like going to the backyard garden and picking tonight’s super. Unfortunately, my garden is in containers and on a second floor patio; however, I do have generous parents with a large garden in their vast backyard.

Melons should almost be ready to pick if not already ripe!

Tomato plants are just starting to ripen, and with the watermelon that is also in season, combining these fruits (yes, I said it, fruits) a bowl of light, flavorful, healthiness awaits you.

Personally, I like the smaller watermelons, not only are they easier to carry as you’re schlepping up the stairs from a weekend in the country, but they stay ripe and fresh a little longer.


Take two whole slices of watermelon

Half of any size and any type tomato

One slice of prosciutto (I recommend any brand you can get from a health food store, or Wegmans)

Sprinkle of salt

Dash of shredded Pecorino Romano Cheese

Small (dime-size) handful of brown seal salt

Few sprigs of Thai basil

Thai basil grows easily in small crocks

While the salty prosciutto brings out the sweetness in the watermelon, the brown sea salt not only adds flavor but color. The latter may be hard to find, so I recommend The Chef’s Shop in Great Barrington, Mass. Thechefsshop.com

After slicing the melon and tomato, add the torn slice of prosciutto and mix. Combine the salt, Pecorino Romano Cheese and brown sea salt to flavor. Decorate with the Thai basil.

A perfect light dish for a summer afternoon

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Michelle Glynn

Traded globe-trotting for motherhood. Side hustling as a freelance writer since 2001.

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