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He loves them!

Chilly summer nights

Where did summer go? Usually meals during June through August are light, fruit, vegetables and cheeses. When the unexpected storm comes in, it’s still possible to eat healthy and hearty.

A penne pasta dish with eggplant, garlic, chopped parsley, mozzarella and pecorino romano cheeses is just what should be served when it’s raining during the warm months.

What you will need:
One cup of gluten free penne pasta
Slices of eggplant
Handful of chopped parsley
One minced garlic
Three slices of fresh mozzarella cheese

Boil water and add the pasta, and cook as directed.
Meanwhile, sprinkle olive oil (Nudo) in a frying pan and add the slices of eggplant when warm. Flip over once they start to get golden brown and flavor with salt and pepper.
Drain the pasta and combine with the eggplant, in the frying pan.
Dish on to plate and add chopped parsley, minced garlic and slices of mozzarella cheese.
Sprinkle shredded pecorino romano cheese on top.

Eat well, live happy!

Light fare for summer evenings

Lets keep it simple to start with. Chives are flourishing in my container garden and since I’m in the midst of moving, I want to eat out of my fridge and freezer, as much as possible. Eureka! I found a bag of shrimp.

Combined with linguine, said chives, slices of lemon, and there is a quick yet delicious summer meal in the middle of chaos.

Handful of linguine
1 Lemon
1 Pound of shrimp
Fist-full of chives
Dash of Old Bay seasoning

Boil water and cook linguine for about 11 minutes (I like it al dente).
Meanwhile, saute shrimp in a frying pan with a little olive oil (Nudo is great – – and you can adopt the olive tree in Italy, from where you want your shipments of olive oil to come from). I also like to sprinkle a little Old Bay seasoning while the shrimp are cooking.

One the linguine is done, drain and combine with the shrimp in the pan.
Let simmer on low heat for a few minutes, and dish onto place.
Garnish with chives and lemon slices.
Season with ground black pepper to taste.

Eat well, live happy!